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The J's Sandwiches & Salads

Right from the heart of the business capital Beirut a modern, delivery-only, quality food concept arises! The J’s!

Why J? J for Joyful Jaw-dropping food.

The J’s is the fruit of a close relationship between a passion for the art of food and cooking as well as a service close to perfection as possible.

Our idea consists of delivering experiences that go above and beyond the clients’ expectations in terms of taste, smell, look and touch! And the pocket of course!

We’re a local outlet with an international mindset! We are passionate about cuisine, all cuisines! We value our Lebanese identity and cherish diversity! Embraces twists of differnt cuisines instead of nationalities.

We’re honest, our food is honest! Yes, you heard that right! All the ingredients we use are fresh and all our meals are freshly prepared and cooked.

We strive to succeed in catering to the needs of all palates and taste buds, even the most sophisticated ones. Healthy diets people are equally taken care of as well with our wide array of healthy items.

The J’s is simply a 5 star experience at the convenience of your doorstep day-in day-out!



We believe in business opportunities and we have set up the right concept with the respective tools for the appropriate investment! For more info, fill in the form and we will contact you the soonest.